About Us

Dedicated To You

1. We don’t sell policies, we offer solutions 

Because we listen to and care for our clients, we realise that every client has individual needs. 

We aim to tailor products to achieve the broadest coverage and most competitive terms.

We have a heartfelt belief in the importance of taking the time to understand your particular needs and circumstances. 

Only then can we match these with a unique, individually researched solution that will help you to achieve your financial goals. 

We have your interests at heart and it is our goal to form a long term relationship with each and every one of our clients. 

Our trained staff will offer you personalised service to ensure that your insurance experience with AMBITON is always positive and convenient.

2. Risk placement 

We believe in continually expanding our service offerings to meet the growing and varied demands of the marketplace.

Through our excellent relationships with major insurers – as well as other niche insurers - we can offer a choice when placing your insurance risks.

At AMBITON we don’t close a sale; we open a relationship to form a long-term partnership. 

3. Quality as business excellence 

We are dedicated to the highest quality in all the work we do. Quality is not negotiable; it’s a value that originates in our passion, our pride and our desire to make a difference as part of the AMBITON Family. 

Attention to detail, accountability, and "going the extra mile" are not only the result of our personal efforts; these are the ingredients of a quality brand - and the source of AMBITON’s well-known reputation for high standards.

4. Claims negotiation 

We maintain that an Insurance Broker’s service stands or falls by the competence of its claims handling. 

At AMBITON, we provide the highest possible standards of service throughout the claims process. This includes fast and active claims negotiation as we are well-versed with our products and offerings, which ultimately leads to an efficient settlement process for our clients.

5. Level of advice 

We are committed to providing well researched, objective, and appropriate financial advice to individuals and businesses alike.

You, as our client, will always come first. 


Our service is:

  • Researched – We actively and regularly research the investment, insurance and retirement markets to ensure you are receiving best of breed advice.
  • Independent – We are not aligned to any life company or investment house. Our advice is independently researched for your benefit.
  • Transparent – You will know what you are receiving, the cost involved at all times and the value you receive. 
  • Confidential – Your privacy and security in financial matters are paramount to us.

Contact AMBITON today to experience our high-quality service for yourself.