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Keyman Assurance

Many business owners recognise their key staff to be their most valuable asset and invest an enormous amount of money in retaining them. However, these important investments are only human after all and there is a real possibility that they could become disabled or even die while in your employ. 

Key Person Assurance offers protection for your investment – a plan specially designed to compensate your business for the financial loss it would sustain in case of a physical loss of a key employee. By choosing Key Person Assurance on selected members of your team, you provide for the necessary funds to absorb disruption should anything happen to them, thereby ensuring near seamless continued success. 

Ask your AMBITON consultant if you’d like to know more about this worthwhile protection for your business.

Buy & Sell Agreements

Most entrepreneurs spend a great deal of time, effort and often capital investment in their biggest asset, their business. To many, it is also considered the source of their retirement capital or an income to be passed down to their families. 

However, experience has shown that only a limited number of business owners take the time to consider the practical consequences of an unexpected death or disability. How long would it take to find a willing buyer? What would be the impact on staff and creditors? How would such an event affect the continued existence of the business? 

The solution lies in a business continuity plan. 

A customised buy-and-sell agreement is designed to address the needs of surviving business owners in the event of another’s death or disablement, as well as the needs of the deceased’s dependants. 

Let AMBITON assist your business with this important agreement. 

Contingent Liability

A business owner who wants to borrow capital usually has to sign personal surety ship on behalf of his or her business. The scary thing about doing this is that your estate will be held liable for the debt. 

There is a solution. You can separate your personal planning from the obligations of your business by securing your world with contingent liability insurance, also known as a surety protection plan. 

Sounds worthwhile? Take it further by talking to AMBITON.

The Business Overheads Protector

This form of insurance is designed to provide financial help to a business should the owner suffer a disability, through accident or sickness, that prevents him or her from working. 

A Business owner in a small company is the driving force and revenue generator. Look around your business and think of all of the monthly expenses that keep your business thriving; employee salaries, rent, insurance premiums and more. When you add it all up, Business Overhead Protector is coverage you cannot afford to be without. Adequate protection can help keep your business afloat during a period of temporary disability, and keep your business operational until you are able to return to work.

With Business Overhead protection in place, you would receive a monthly amount that would pay your monthly business expenses. The monthly benefit payment for a single cause (including dependent causes) is limited to 24 months. 

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