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Financial Planning Process

At Ambiton we are passionate about the people we serve. We are confident that we can make a difference because we want to be part of your business' journey to financial wellness. 

On this journey we promise to provide you with:

  • tools - to empower you
  • time - to listen to your personal story
  • knowledge - to support you
  • and compassion - because we care about you.

Ambiton Financial Services is an authorised financial services provider. This means we have made a commitment to abide by the industry’s Code of Conduct. We will always act in a professional, honest, competent, fair and diligent manner, with due care and integrity, and treat the information you provide us with respect and confidentiality.

Our initial meeting is not only to establish a trust-relationship with you as the client, but also to understand your current and envisaged financial circumstances. An important cornerstone in starting this relationship, is explaining more about our practice and the services we offer. Part of this process is also to discuss and explain our Service Level Agreement.

Essentially, a financial plan is a map of how to achieve a set of objectives using financial products and services. In order to enable us to do proper financial planning for you and to give the best advice in terms of the Financial Advisory and Intermediary Services (FAIS) Act and the Financial Intelligence Centre Act (FICA), we start by asking important questions and request relevant personal and financial information. This will help us to understand, assess and analyse your current financial position and to offer appropriate recommendations that will help you to achieve the financial goals you have set for your business.

The personal, business, and financial information requirements will involve the following:

1. Business information:

  • Business name, address, contact information
  • Registration number
  • Tax status
  • Business owners
  • Registration documentation
  • Information on Key Persons in the business

2. Personal information for each owner:

  • Full names, address, contact information
  • ID number
  • Qualifications
  • Occupation
  • Personal or family income
  • Marital status and information of dependants
  • Will

3. Business assets and liabilities:

  • Properties
  • Value of business
  • Shares
  • Investments
  • Outstanding bonds and debt
  • Overdraft 
  • Contingent liability
  • Loan accounts

4. Financial information:

  • Assurance policies – life policies, endowments, unit trusts, investments, key person policies, buy and sell policies, surety protection, etc. 
  • Employee benefits offered – pension or provident fund statement and group life benefits
  • Short-term insurance – vehicle, household, commercial and home owner’s insurance
  • Trusts
  • Medical aid offered
  • Business agreements 
  • Medical aid

5. FICA documentation:

  • Registration documents
  • Proof of business address
  • Proof of banking for business
  • Copy of ID for all owners

At our second meeting, we will provide you with the findings of the financial needs analysis that has been completed, based on the objectives you set and the information you provided. We will present our proposal with recommendations to you, tailored to suit your individual needs and circumstances.

Listen carefully and ask as many questions as you like. After all, it is your future you are investing towards.

Providing appropriate advice and a superior service to our clients is very important to us. It is also important that our clients make an informed decision about the advice given. When a proposal is accepted and all the necessary compliance forms and application forms have been completed and signed, the process to implement these applications will be initiated.

You now have a financial plan that sets out your business objectives and goals, and an action plan for achieving those goals. Adjust and fine-tune your financial plan over time. Your risk needs after 10 years will look very different to the risk needs at the start of your business.

Should you require more info, please contact us on 041-5817170.