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One Number, One Call. AMBITON ASSIST is all you need.

Consider what you would do if your sales person experienced a flat tyre when driving past an unsafe area at night. How long would it take to get assistance from the office, if anyone was available?

What if you locked your keys in your car when you attended to work out of town? How would you get them out if you were too far away from your spare set?

How much easier would it be to arrange quality office maintenance contractors through a single call centre? Add the benefit of having the contractor's bill paid on your behalf (limits apply) and you have complete peace of mind.

We are proud to offer our clients a superb value-added product to their qualifying, existing Ambiton short-term insurance policy. AMBITON ASSIST has been specially designed to provide additional security and peace of mind to our short-term insurance clients.

AMBITON ASSIST is there for you, night and day, no matter what your emergency:

Medical Assist

  • Emergency response to accidents
  • Emergency medical transportation for further medical care
  • Companionship or care of stranded minors in emergency situations
  • Guaranteed hospital admission up to R5 000, refundable by the patient or their medical aid
  • Non-emergency medical and health advice
  • Emotional Support and tele-counselling
  • Repatriation of patient or return of mortal remains

Roadside Assist

  • Towing in case of collision or breakdown
  • Vehicle hire assistance or hotel accommodation
  • Vehicle locksmiths
  • Flat tyre assistance
  • Flat battery jumpstart assistance

Roadside cover is limited to R3000 per policy per annum.

Legal Assist

  • 24-hour legal advice or assistance from qualified attorneys or legal referral
  • Two free 30-minute face to face consultations
  • Advice on courtroom preparation, drawing up a will, lease and sale agreements, power of attorney and other contractual agreements.

Map Assist

  • Need directions from A to B? We’ll get you there, with directions either by voice, fax or SMS.

Advanced Office Maintenance

  • Battling with electrical or plumbing problems?
  • Is one of your appliances giving you hassles?
  • Has a key broken off in the lock?
  • Do you need help relocating from one office to another?

AMBITON ASSIST does not include the cost of, but does offer assistance with:

  • A vehicle that is not registered on your Ambiton Assist Insurance policy
  • Stolen and recovery tows and second tows
  • Parts, new batteries, tyres, locks and keys etc
  • A flat tyre but no spare tyre to replace it with
  • A vehicle older than 10 years.

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